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OSVAN was founded in 2006. From a technical consulting activity the company moved to the design and distribution of technical products in 2016. The Garden Clean Cable developed by the company for robot-mowers offers an innovative solution to the problems of rodents. It is already sold and recognized in many European countries.

Osvan distributes its products through professionals in the parks and gardens sector.

Willing to offer an answer to the problem of rodents, Osvan has developed a cable of unmatched resistance.

As a result of many tests in real-life conditions, it was found that the "Garden Clean Cable" (the blue cable) is the only one that has not suffered any damage.

In order to meet all types of demands, we have developed various adapters for traditional subsoilers (Adapter / brake for coil, adapted shoe), as well as IP 68 waterproof connectors (inline or T) specially designed for our cable.

Thanks to these accessories, we can guarantee an easy installation, perfectly airtight and moisture-proof.

logo cellfast

In order to offer a complete range of high-quality products for parks and gardens, Osvan started a partnership with Cellfast in 2017.

The Cellfast Group is one of the leading plastics processors and one of the leading manufacturers of garden hoses, tools and accessories.

Cellfast offers innovative, modern and ergonomic solutions.