Presentation - History

OSVAN was founded in 2006. From a technical consulting activity the company moved to the design and distribution of technical products for garden and parks in 2016.

2013 - The GARDEN CLEAN CABLE was developed by the company to solve most of the well-known problems on robot-mowers cables, more particularly problems coming from rodents.After 2 years of field tests the GARDEN CLEAN CABLE was launched on the market and was an immediate success in Belgium. The GARDEN CLEAN CABLE is now distributed in many countries in Europe and is recognized as one of the best cables available on the market.

2017 - OSVAN started the distribution of the products from CELLFAST, Polish manufacturer of hoses, couplings and garden tools for individuals and professionals. The company installed its workshop and warehouses in the south of Belgium.

2018 - Development of the ROBOT MOWER CABLE to meet the market demand to have a thinner cable for small gardens in urban areas and which do also not attract rodents.

2018-2019 - Field tests of the ROBOT MOWER CABLE and development of robot-mower garages, more particularly the WPC planter-garage. The company completed the range with other WPC planter boxes.

2020 – The ROBOT MOWER CABLE and WPC planter boxes and garage are launched on the market . Development of new robot mower garages. A partnership is created with the company MDS for the distribution of the OSVAN products in France.

2022 – Osvan joined the French group Sterenn&co and became a subsidiary of it, specialized in the world of robotic lawnmowers. Osvan continues to develop and sell its products. In October 2022, the Mecawash 1280 was launched.