In short.

Osvan® is your professional partner for products and accessories in the parks and gardens sector, and especially in the field of robot mower. The main products proposed by OSVAN® are specific cables, installation accessories, parts, workshop equipment, robot mower garages and WPC planters. The company sells the products exclusively in B2B to resellers and distributors.


Since February 2022, Osvan has been part of the Sterenn Group, a French company with 7 subsidiaries (sales of €212 million, 350 people). The group is the French market leader in agroequipment, specialized in the distribution of materials, equipment, parts and services to professionals in the agricultural, motoculture and industrial sectors.



The Garden Clean cable was developed by Osvan® in 2015. This special cable for robot mowers offers an innovative solution solving most of the problems known with standard cables, mostly the problems coming from the rodents. Our cables are extremely resistant, are 100% waterproof with a double insulation, use tinned copper for an excellent conductivity and use pure non-toxic materials not attracting rodents.


OSVAN distributes its products in Belgium and Luxembourg and has partnerships with importers-distributors elsewhere in Europe.

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