1 X RMC 500 - Robot Mower Cable - 500 meters - tinned copper 1 mm²

Cable specially developed for robot mowers
Made in EUROPE!

Non-toxic and does not use any animal fat :
it does not attrack RODENTS !

The Robot Mower Cable is developed for small or medium installations

- Copper strand 1mm² with excellent conductivity (up to 850 m/ installation).
- Double insulation and totally waterproof (AD8). long lifetime
- Tinned copper limits the oxidation and facilitates the welds.
- Non-toxic and does not use any animal fat. Does not attrack rodents.
- Compatible with OSVAN, 3M, Hella or equivalent connectors.
- No disturbance or reduction of magnetic field.
- External diameter of 4 mm.
- Available in 500 meters reel compatible with the majority of cable layer machine.
- Made in Europe!

RMC 500V2

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